We are Akasison.

The specialists in roof drainage. Just like many others claim to be. And that is correct. Basically, we provide complete roof drainage systems based on a universal principle: Bernoulli’s fluid dynamics. Just like everyone else. And yet there is a big difference. We go much further. We have introduced our own principles. Tried and tested principles. Which have brought us to where we are today. And made us what we are now: the most inspired people in the industry.

With our own principles. These principles guide us forwards. Because we will not settle for status quo. Drainage can always be better. More practical for everyone. Bernoulli showed us the way, but that was merely the first step. And even though all next improvement steps are getting smaller, we will still take them. Call it the urge to improve. Call it obsessive specialism. Improving roof drainage is in our nature. To us it is a principle.

A tried and tested principle.